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Dr. Thomas Riley Kennedy O'Connor
Assoc Prof, Criminal Justice/Homeland Security
Director, Institute for Global Security Studies
Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, TN

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 Master Syllabi and Course Lecture Notes for the
BS degree in Criminal Justice/Homeland Security

13 Required Courses:

                                   CRJ 1010 Introduction to Criminal Justice
                                   CRJ 3000 Constitutional Law

                                 CRJ 3010 Criminal Law
                                   CRJ 3020 Evidence/Procedure Law
                                   CRJ 3030 Terrorism and Law

                                   CRJ 3100 Fundamentals of Cybercrime
                                   CRJ 3400 Terrorism Understanding
                                 CRJ 3410 Domestic Terrorism
                                   CRJ 3420 International Terrorism
                                   CRJ 3430 Management of Incidents

                                 CRJ 3440 Crime Prevention
                                   PM 3760 Research Methods
                                   CRJ 4000 Police Administration

                                       plus 6 courses in a Minor in any other discipline.
                                       There is no prerequisite system; take courses in any order;
                                       all available online with a few face-to-face every term.

Elective Courses:

    CRJ 1030 Law Enforcement
    CRJ 1040 Private Security
    CRJ 1050 Corrections
    CRJ 1060 Criminology
    GSS 2010 Global Security
    CRJ 3040 International Law
    POLS 3160 African Politics
    CRJ 3210 Forensics

  CRJ 3220 Investigations
  CRJ 3300 Ethics
    CRJ 3435 Maritime Security
    CRJ 4011 Issues in CJ (1hr)
    CRJ 4050 Criminal Profiling
    PM 4090 Comparative PM
    CRJ 4125 Intelligence Analysis
    CRJ 4200 Mexican Narcocrime
    CRJ 4210 Gangs in Society
    CRJ 4220 White Collar Crime
    CRJ 4230 Crime in Pop Culture
    CRJ 4860 Internship

substitute any above for a required

   Internet Guides: Criminal Justice / Criminology / Distance Education / Employment / Graduate School / Homeland Security / Juvenile Justice / Law School / Police / Prison

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