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Main Disadvantages Of Doing Homework Late At Night

Human beings are not naturally wired to be disciplined. The natural tendency of a human being is to indulge in frivolous gay abandon. Discipline is something that has to be imposed on oneself. Good news is that once discipline is imposed, it tends to stick.

People are creatures of habit. We all like repetition and status quo. Trying to break habit is like taking some one from warm water into cold water in the middle of a bleak winter. People resist it. Marketers know that and take advantage of it. For example, you are often switched to a more expensive service account and given the option to switch back. The marketer knows that people won’t exercise the option of switching back and will get stuck with a more expensive habit.

Another habit that you can be stuck with is doing assignments at the last movement, in particular at night time. Once this habit forms it can be hard to break.

However, there are many disadvantages of staying up late to do homework as following:

  1. Scientific research shows that human mind is wired to concentrate best in the early morning. By working late night for your assignments you will be getting up late at morning and you will be missing out on time in the morning where your concentration would be the best. If you try hard enough, you can form the healthy habit of studying early in the morning. Once that habit is formed it will also be hard to break.
  2. When you get up late in the morning it will take you sometime to be at your peak concentration. Many of the examinations and quizzes are held in early morning. Your concentration would not be at its peak during those examinations and quizzes and you will not be able to perform your best.
  3. While doing homework late at night, you will be running a race with time to do it as quickly as possible. As a result, your productivity and efficiency is likely to suffer.
  4. Another disadvantage of staying up late to do homework is that we are not biologically wired to do it. Electricity is a 20th century invention. Before that human beings used to rely on candles at night and it would be convenient to go to bed early. So we are biologically wired by habit to go to bed early.

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